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The Modern Web Needs Modern Tools! Create The Web London

Pretty sure a lot of you guys didn’t miss the news, but there is a ton of reasons to emphasize on the recently announced Edge Tools & Services. I mean I’ve been walking around with that knowledge for a while, so I am really happy we finally lifted the secret and introduced a new set of awesome tools to the world!

To provide a first hand experience on the new stuff Adobe recently kicked off the #CreateTheWeb Tour. We’ve been visiting the first stop of this series of events around the globe this week in London. About 400 people took a measure on Adobes contribution in terms of open web standards and modern tools for the web, and some of them shared their impressions with us.

Stop reading – check out the video! There is also a german version available. More information on Edge Tools & Services and Adobe & HTML on html.adobe.com and at a Create The Web Tourstop in your neighborhood.

Recursive Drawing

Recursive, repeptitive figures pretty much sound like a technical term, but actually have been invented by mother nature. To try a simple explanation: such a figure has the same micro- as macrostructure, in other words: it is consisting of itself. Pretty nice concept in the eyes of every nerd! ;)

Toby Schachman totally blew my mind with his idea to move this concept into a software UI for drawing. Totally awesome!

Project: http://recursivedrawing.com/
Github: https://github.com/electronicwhisper/recursive-drawing
Toby Schachman at Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/mandy3284/
Toby Schachmans Blog: http://www.sundialtone.com/