Badge of the Berlin Desknots
NOT the Austrian Flag here. We’re still looking for a proper logo – do you want to make a proposal? ;oD=

I am happy to announce that this week, Michael Scharnagl, Sven Wolfermann and me founded the Berlin Desknots around the recently established co-up Open Device Lab. “WTF is a ‘Desknot’?” you might ask.

Well, we felt the strong need for a platform to exchange knowhow and best practices around everything we as developers and designers love to create to be consumed on mobile devices: including apps and of course the mobile web. So, how do you name a meetup that is targeting everything around…

  • how to test and debug on and for Smartphones, Tablets, Featurephones, Dumbphones, mobile Gaming Consoles, … (& you name it)
  • how to ensure UX concepts perform on elderly non-Touchscreens as good as on the brand new stylo-goodness
  • how to do performance optimization for the mobile Web
  • how to enable yourself to access a large number of test devices

…and so on. The existing Meetups just don’t focus enough on these highly relevant topics, so we created one, but how to name it?

Josh Clark established a term for “every internet connected device for content consumption that is not a desktop computer or notebook”: Desknots. It’s as simple as that! So we’re proud to announce the foundation of the Berlin Desknots and welcome Josh as a honorary chairman and first member of our meetup. Please join us today on, and save the date for our first Meetup: October 17, 2012. This first meetup will be around “Mobile Web Performance, Testing & Debugging Best Practices”.

Looking forward meeting you there!