Hands on a variety of devices
Put your old internet connected device to new, good use

Start clutter-free into the new year – and help Open Device Labs (ODLs) around the globe with their initiative “Donate Your Dusty Device” (DYDD).

As you might know, Open Device Labs are shared community pools of internet connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, or consoles, and are open for developers to test their websites and apps. Which helps to make the web and app cosmos better – so why not support what supports the tools you are using (and potentially making a living off) on a daily basis?

Websites or apps unfortunately do not always work as expected, especially across mobile devices. There are around 20,000 different models, and about 15 new devices are released every week. Each variant of a device is unique and comes with its own technical quirks and hurdles. Having access to these varied devices, both modern and older, is critical for testing the user experience but often poses problems to developers creating new content.

If you just got yourself a new smartphone or tablet and are looking for a helpful new use for your old device, consider donating it to an Open Device Lab. Over 90 Labs have been established already at locations worldwide. Everyone benefits from access to a free device testing pool – including donators.

Can you support an Open Device Lab with a spare device? Go to OpenDeviceLab.com/DYDD now. Only three easy steps separate your functional old device from a meaningful new existence that is benefitial for the greater good.