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Celebrating the first anniversary of WebPlatform.org

Happy first birthday, WebPlatform.org
Get your free WebPlatform.org birthday gift – while supplies last!

Time flies quickly! Already one year passed since the W3C announced a new Wiki, WebPlatform.org, to document the open web in an open format that can be leveraged by anybody. To become an open community of developers, building resources for a better web, regardless of brand, browser or platform. Anyone can contribute and each person who did, does and will do, makes WebPlatform.org stronger.

Documenting the web is not an everydays task nor is it a piece of cake – it is a ton of work. And a lot has been accomplished in this first year of existance. Contributions are key – and can be a lot of fun! So I had the pleasure of organizing two Doc Sprints in Berlin and Zurich in 2013 to help onboard new contributors and get stuff done.

At these Doc Sprints we provide a kickstart in how to contribute to the Wiki and which topics to focus on. Food, drinks, networking and official experts are being “served” and we present each contributor with a gift for helping to document the web forward – his/her very own WebPlatform.org T-Shirt! It appears I have set some of those to the side for a very special event, just like todays WebPlatform.org birthday. Let’s celebrate and let others know about the project. So don’t wait and get your own WebPlatform.org T-Shirt, here and today! Simply post a comment with a link to your WebPlatform.org public profile (compare mine over here) and the requested T-Shirt size (and make sure to leave a valid E-Mail-Address for the shipping details!) and I will mail it to you in the next few days. T-Shirts are given away on a first-come-first-serve basis, 6 available (2x M, 2x L, 2x XL).

If you are interested in joining us on a Doc Sprint to jumpstart helping to doc the web forward: there is one in Amsterdam attached to Fronteers this saturday Oct 10 – register here. Or check out when the next Doc Sprint is coming to your vicinity on our community event page. See you on WebPlatform.org – HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!

Here’s the original announcement video from October 8, 2012, again:

Blue Beanie Day is coming – get your Beanie on!

The sixth international “Blue Beanie Day” will be celebrated as early as November 30, 2012! BBD is an ongoing tradition based on the blue beanie Jeffrey Zeldman wore on the cover of his 2003 “Designing With Web Standards” book. Join the celebration and post a picture of yourself wearing a blue beanie to the BBD Flickr pool or just post it on Twitter.

A blue beanie with Adobe logo
Get your beanie on!

Let’s get you guys prepped to celebrate and show your support for Web Standards, let’s get you some blue beanies! Post a comment to this article and let me know why YOU support Web Standards. And do it fast, so I can mail out a blue beanie like the one in the picture to you in time for #BBD12!

Blue beanies are shipped while stocks last. Copy & paste your comment along with your shipping adress in an E-Mail to bbd@klick-ass.com. And if an international shipping should not make it in time, Jeffrey Zeldman has a solution for that.

Learn more about Blue Beanie Day on Zeldmans BBD page. Learn more on Adobes support for Web Standards on html.adobe.com.

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The Graphical Web VIP Pass

It's a boat. On a lake. At the jetty.
That looks like a nice location for a dinner event. Bring your swimsuits! ;oD= (Image © zsg.ch)

The Graphical Web in Zurich, from September 11-14, is a conference for discussing what is aesthetically possible on the web. The speaker list reads like the who-is-who of the expressive web, so it’s definetely worth attending. I mean, despite your possibly different opinion: I’ll be there! ;oD=

You wanna go as well? Fine, no pumpkin’. Add a comment to this post and let me know which session proposal of the conference schedule catches you most, and why. Be creative, the comment I find most interesting wins a free VIP pass to The Graphical Web 2012 – including full access to all three conference days plus the workshop day plus the dinner event on a boat tripe across Zurich lake, worth 850 CHF (700 EUR, 888 USD)!!!

The winner will be announced on Monday, Sep 10 2012, on this page.

Conference website: http://www.svgopen.org/2012