It's a boat. On a lake. At the jetty.
That looks like a nice location for a dinner event. Bring your swimsuits! ;oD= (Image ©

The Graphical Web in Zurich, from September 11-14, is a conference for discussing what is aesthetically possible on the web. The speaker list reads like the who-is-who of the expressive web, so it’s definetely worth attending. I mean, despite your possibly different opinion: I’ll be there! ;oD=

You wanna go as well? Fine, no pumpkin’. Add a comment to this post and let me know which session proposal of the conference schedule catches you most, and why. Be creative, the comment I find most interesting wins a free VIP pass to The Graphical Web 2012 – including full access to all three conference days plus the workshop day plus the dinner event on a boat tripe across Zurich lake, worth 850 CHF (700 EUR, 888 USD)!!!

The winner will be announced on Monday, Sep 10 2012, on this page.

Conference website: